but hold me still bury my heart on the coals

My name is Kripa! I'm 18 years old and I live in Canada. I post about pretty much anything.. Love Mumford and Sons, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Teen Wolf, and dorky/sexy boys with a flaming passion. I also post some Tom Hiddleston, Supernatural, Star Trek, Bates Motel, The Lord Of The Rings, Hannibal, American Horror Story, and U2. +


Bono and Larry photographed in Morocco by Anton Corbijn 1991

requested by anon


Annoyed head movements. 

Heavy breathing. 

Jaw clenching. 

This is a man standing on the edge of a dark place. 

All he needs is a little push.  (x)

It’s frightening how right I was.  Eeep!


kids, here is something i wish my dad had told me. the longest pause you’ll ever experience in your life is the one following asking the question: will you marry me? your brain goes into override, imagining every possible response. 


Lord of the Rings + Armor

Short version, not dead.

Sherlock series 3 quotes:
S: "Well. Short version. Not dead."